[10/18 up!]
Sarabande Video Edit Launched!

Satoko would like to extend deeprest gratitude to those who joined this campaign.
Your generous support actually realized this project! Warmest heart and love from Satoko to all.

Sadao Kurosu
Chizuko Kobayashi
Musica Arco-iris Yasuda
Tomohide Okumura
Yutaka Nishida
Kunio Ikeda
Yasuhito Mori's Scandinavia Japan Connection
Tomoko Sugiura
Managu Uraki
Hiroshi Yoshimura
Shuuichi Kawamata
Koichi Sadaie
Shinrou Ito
Kazumasa Hirose
Kiyo Kimura
Kaoru Nakajima

***This list does not include some names who did not wish to be credited.

[8/14 up!]
Satoko Sings Bach!

Satoko will release a music video within this year!
She will sing J.S. Bach's "Cello Suite No.6 in D major, Sarabande" with her Japanese lyric.
Video shooting will be done next month in Hokkaido.

Would you like to add your name in the closing credit of this video?
Then visit the Muevo Campaing page right now!
Muevo Satoko Sings J.S. Bach - Music Video Project Campaign

[9/3 up!]
Satoko Moving to Europe!

Satoko is finally moving to Europe!
It has taken 18 years since she first wished to move to Europe when she traveled Sweden and Denmanrk in 1998.
Her continued enthusiam enabled her to come back to Europe in 2015 and 2016. 1 month in 2015 as well as 3 months in 2016,
she traveled around Goteborg, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Cologne solely to establish her musical connection.

Now she gots her base in Germany and will star brandnew challenge in developing her career in Europe.

However, she is willing to organize her concerts in Japan continueously.
Now her "Oneness DUO" with the pianst Chieko Maki has gained the legendary basist Yasushi Yoneki,
and evolved in "Trio ONENESS."

Don't miss their first concert in next January at COCHI, Tokyo!
Check the event detail now!


[1/30 up!]
Dedicated CD for Mr.Tea!

Satoko introduces Japanese well-known tea master, Mr. Toshiki HORIE.
This CD is solely dedicated to "Mr.T."

This recording was made on 20 December 2014 at Cafe&Studio MAKE, Osaka.
Engineered and masterd by Akihiko GOTO (Time Machine Record).

Masaki Minamiyama(p)
Yasutaka Yorozu(b)
Ryo Noritake(ds)
Tsutomu Takei(ts)

Art design by Yoshiko Nariai(Galery MICHIKAKE, Kyoto)
Specila supporter: Tea House MUSICA

This CD is not on the market. You can directly purchase from satoko. Those who want it by post mail, please feel free to contact Satoko!

[8/21 up!]
"Oneness" - Now On Sale!

Satoko's 2nd Album"Oneness" will be released on September 5th.
This moment, it is only available in Japan, however, you can purchase on this website
and it will be soon released worldwide.

The cover design is satoko's good friend Mei Obata's artwork.
She attended the recording in April and completed this special painting.

This time, satoko herself participated the mixing and mastering process at Magic Bus Studio
of Hikaru Sawamura.
You will notice her voice much closer and more natural.

The album consists of 4 of satoko's tune and 2 of her lyrics.
Each one discribe beautiful scenery in Japan, such as
flowers bloom in Nara described in an ancient poetry, butterfuly forest in Okinawa,
white birch trees standing alongside the railway in Hokkaido.

Enjoy your listening and provide your feedback!

[7/4 up!]
Oneness Tour is Coming to Your Town!

Satoko(vo) Chieko Maki(p)

September 3rd Born Free, KOBE

September 4th Valentien Drive, NAGOYA

September 5th Intelsat, NISHIO, AICHI

October 30th Coo, SAPPORO


October 31st Cats&Dogs, SAPPORO

Event details

[2/21 up!]
Live in Hirafu!

Satoko's first and last(?) live in Hirafu!
Special guest from Osaka, Tsutomu TAKEI on tenor sax!

Date: March 15th, 2015
Start: 20:30 p.m.
Charge: Free (2 drinks order required)
Venue:Half Note Hirafu

[1/13 up!]
Cencelation of Concert

Satoko's concert in January at Sapporo has been canceled.
My apology for those who booked for it.

[1/11 up!]
Annoucement of 2nd album release!

Happy New Year, 2015!

Satoko is happy to anounce that she decided to release her 2nd album in next summer.
The new album will be recorded in April, 2015 with Osaka-based female pianist, Chieko Maki.
This CD will include a tune by Jacob Karlzon, who is the most successful pianist in Europe,
with her Japanese lyrics.

Don't miss updates on this news!

[7/27 up!]
Satoko and Mr. Mori Appearing Together!

Satoko would like to happily announce the first concert with her favorite basist Mr. Mori.

Date :September 12th on Friday, 2014
Start :20:00 P.M
Fee :3500JPY
Venue :LEFTALONE, Kobe
satoko(vocal) Kaori Nishijima(p) Yasuhito Mori(b) from Sweden Tsutomu Takei(ts)










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